Finished my 18 page essay on Homini, or Homo erectus, or Homo something, I can’t fucking remember.

Time for wine and incessant reblogging. 😀

Just finished a report on the effect of temperature on enzymes. Let’s get drunk.

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Anonymous said: "A fetus is just a fetus", I find a ridiculous statement. Are you saying, a baby is only a baby when born, although the baby is the EXACT same as it was before going through the birth canal? What exactly makes a baby a "baby"?


The “birth canal”, ffs. Listen here kiddo, the passageway from my uterus through my cervix, my vagina, and my vulva, is NOT a “birth canal”. I am not a birthing machine do not refer to me or anybody with the ability to become pregnant and our body parts as if we were some incubators k? K.

Also, a fetus remains a fetus until birth when it becomes a baby, it’s called stages in life my dear. When I turned 13 at midnight on my birthday many years ago, I was officially a teenager, even though seconds before that midnight alarm I was still only still just a preteen. Nothing had changed, I still felt the same, I was still the same person as a few seconds earlier, I was just older. Stages in life aren’t meant to completely change you every time you get to a new stage, it’s the years and time in between that change you. No one changes over night.

Scientifically speaking being a fetus is just a developmental stage that of life, where a potential person is possibly created, as fetuses are not persons. They difference between babies and fetuses is that one is inside of you living off of your body and taking resources and the other is outside of you and whether you continue to consent to letting it use your bodily resources (such as breast milk) is entirely up to you, but it is not the same as having a fetus within you, as you can refuse to breastfeed and use formula instead. - Paige

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a-medieval-princess said: Good luck at wherever you're going. BE STRONG AND BE HAPPY!!! Do whatever you want to do, not what your family want you to do. Byeee!!! xxx


Gonna do it. My first choice uni is one in my hometown (Nottingham) but I prefer the one in York. So I’m hoping to get into both really and will probably choose York.

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